Programs and Opportunities

LandSmart Carbon Farm Plans

    • Carbon Farm Plans identify carbon cycling concerns and opportunities, and provide the landowner with a comprehensive document that illustrates a landscapes actual and potential carbon inventory and cycling. LandSmart is a conservation plan program created by the RCD’s, that offers Carbon Farm Plans as a standalone plan or an addendum to a more extensive, multi-resource conservation plan that helps land managers meet their natural resource management goals while supporting productive lands and thriving streams.
    • The Marin Carbon Project defines carbon farming as an approach or methodology that identifies and encourages implementation of practices known to improve the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and converted to plant material and/or soil organic matter.  The MCP identifies that carbon farming success is when carbon gains resulting from enhanced land management and/or conservation practices exceed carbon losses.

Soil Health Assessments

    • Soil health assessments are a method farmers and researchers can use to identify  the health and quality of a soil.  There are a multitude of characteristics that can be observed, measured and analyzed. Cornell University created a Comprehensive Soil Health Assessment specific to east coast agricultural regions that help farmers to better investigate regionally specific soil health. The assessment addresses chemical, physical, and biological components, and develops assessments that acknowledge regional and soil specific limits.
    • North Coast Soil Health Hub has identified a set of standard characteristics for measuring soil health and quality, but does not yet have the capacity or data to provide a comprehensive, regionally specific assessment, like that of Cornell’s.  The Hub is interested in developing a North Coast agricultural soil health assessment, like that of Cornell’s. The Hub field trials, and farm demonstrations along with other entity’s research and data collection will provide the data needed for creating a soil health assessment catered to a regionally specific soil health assessment methodology and analysis.

Demonstration Farms

Field Trials

Farmer to Farmer Events



CA Healthy Soils Program Grant

Programs currently responsible for funding the Hub efforts:

1) CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant: Climate Beneficial Vineyard Management

October 3, 2016-March 29, 2019

The North Coast Soil Health Hub is getting its start with a CDFA Specialty Crop Block grant awarded to Mendocino Resource Conservation District to work with grape growers to increase the adoption of climate beneficial soil health practices and build a soil health demonstration network.

2) NRCS Sonoma County Regional Conservation Partnership Program

3) Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program

Initial Funding for North Coast Soil Health Hub